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Marc and Wendy Olson created 8 Entertainment to offer a number of services for your entertainment needs. We are dedicated to supplying professional DJ, Live Sound Engineering & Karaoke services to match and exceed exactly what our customers want. We take the time to find out before hand not only what our customers want to hear, but what they do not want, and cater to all genres. 8 entertainment never fails to elicit excitement from their audience! With a combination of 15 years experience in the entertainment, and music business, Marc and Wendy know how to engage and interact with the audience. As an artist, producer, and sound engineer, Marc has released two studio albums to his credit, and worked with numerous artists from all over. He has also worked with many venues to book, promote, and run hundreds of shows. Wendy has worked with numerous Texas musicians both on stage and off stage with promotion. When requested, 8 Entertainment will call on their massive data base of current and classic hits of songs, and with a great set of sound equipment, will deliver the energy and fun that every audience deserves!

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